happysky (happysky) wrote in garagesalejapan,

fushigi yuugi, ceres, ranma for $4!

hi all! i decided to sell my manga since i need the space, and a little extra cash wouldn't hurt.
- these are all in great/excellent condition and are the 1st editions (i.e. bigger/more expensive versions than what's out now).
- shipping via media mail is $1.00 per book.
- paypal preferred!

ceres celestial legend vol. 1-2 | $4 each.

ranma 1/2 vol. 3-4, 6, 10, 12 | $4 each.
- buy all 5 for $20 and i will include ranma 1/2 outta control series: eat, drink, man-who-turns-into-woman -- dubbed vhs from viz.

please leave a comment with payment method (paypal is best, cash is ok, other stuff can be worked out) and email address. simple as that! :)

last updated 6/12 12:41 pm.
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