Lacey (obsessiverocker) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTB Girugamesh merch

From what i've seen, Girugamesh merch (i.e tour shirts, wristbands, etc.) is a bit of a rare occurance on selling sites, BUT since sakura con is around the corner....

now, i've never actually been to that convention, but since i imagine it's like any other, there's a chance that somewhere there will be a both selling "guest goods". 

So my question is this: is there anyone on this community that is for sure going, and who would be willing to buy extra Giru stuff to pass along?  I'm looking for shirts and wristbands in particular, because i wouldn't be able to give stuff like fliers and posters a good home. 

thanks in advance! ^_^
Tags: wanted
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