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Gamecube & Nintendo DS Game

--also cross posted to videogames4sale; hope this is all right since I have an import for sale!

Feedback: eBay (64)

I just recently upgraded to a Nintendo Wii (I highly recommend warehousedeals.com), so I'm looking to get rid of my Nintendo Gamecube (Platinum), which I got... ...I think last summer? (Yeah, I'm slow.) Might've been the summer before that, I don't know. It should be in like new condition but is closer to being very good since it has some small nicks. All the cords and controller are included, along with most if not all the original packaging. Yep, even the original box and manual. I'm looking for best offers. Bundled with this is Super Smash Brothers Melee, complete with disc and manual. If you give me a shipped price, I'll base my decision on how much I earn after subtracting the actual shipping cost.

I still have a brand new copy of Kanken DS 2 for sale. I'd like to sell it for $30+shipping&handling.

I'm also thinking about selling one Official Nintendo brand Gamecube controller for $15 shipped.* The colors I have available are spice, purple/indigo, and black. It'll be reduced to $10 if bought in conjunction with the Gamecube. --transaction currently pending!

Paypal is my preferred payment method, though I'll accept concealed cash and checks (at your own risk), and possibly money orders--if the buyer is willing to walk me through it. I also ship internationally! I'll be leaving these items at my San Jose residence, so I'll be around to weigh items and such until 4/5 at ~3PM PDT this weekend and won't be able to ship or weigh anything again until the following Friday. I am semi-receptive to trades (partial or full), but am more interested in acquiring cash so I can get a new scanner or buy some books off Akadot Retail.

Thanks for looking!

*applies only to U.S. buyers; additional charges for International buyers

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