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Bleach Manga, Sister Princess, Chrono Crusade, +more!

I'm trying to trim down my anime collection, so I'm selling the things I don't read/watch anymore.

I'm selling Bleach manga volumes 3 - 17 on Ebay. Starting bid is $30. All books are in great condition, and have been kept on a shelf in my closet. This is a great opportunity for a new reader to pick up a lot of the earlier volumes at a low price.

Link to auction:

Sister Princess DVDs 1 - 7 (the complete series), plus the artbox. Everything is in great condition, although the artbox may have some shelf wear, and the top bumps up a little, as can be seen in the photo. Starting bid is $25.50.

Link to auction:

Chrono Crusade DVD 2: Holy War. It has only been watched once, and is in great condition. Starting bid is $5.

Link to auction:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at, or through LJ PM or my Ebay account. :) I check all e-mails often.

Happy bidding!
Tags: anime, manga: english
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