cute_market (cute_market) wrote in garagesalejapan,

A couple of new clothing items...

A long peach lace camisole from Japan and a green plaid skirt from Taiwan. I have a few more things at my journal, too :) I'm open to offers and trades (I have a wishlist at my journal, but try me with anything!).

Soft Peach Lace Frill Layering Cami

Bought in Japan, never worn (it's too long for me). Measures 32" mong (not including the adjustable straps), 33"-40" bust (fabric is very stretchy). £6.00


Green/Brown Tartan/Plaid Tiered Skirt

Bought in a Taiwan auctions spree, worn once, excellent condition (I just have far too many skirts like this...). Crinkly cotton with a black slip attached. 46cm long, 25-30" waist. £3.50


Layering Knit Tunic

Camel-coloured layering knit tunic bought in Japan, for wearing with a turtle/poloneck top or cami underneath. 33" bust unstretched, 30" long. I don't have enough things to wear with it, so I'm letting it go >_>; £6.00.


Rainbow Long Baggy Sweater

Bought from a Korean webshop, worn once or twice (it's a little too big on me for my liking :X), so in excellent as new condition. 33" long, 42" bust unstretched, worn baggy/loose, depending on how you like it to fit :) £6.50.


Sechuna Lace Bow Sweater

Brand new, never worn, sold out on the website. £7.00


Baby Pink Skinny Wing Motif Tee

Tiny wings on chest, larger ones on back :) Never worn, brand new, bought from a Korean webshop. Measures 28-32" chest and 22" long. £6.00


Paris Pink Long Tee

Never worn, brand new without tags, from Korean webshop. 33-36" bust, 30" long. £5.00.


Pinky Girls Hime-Style Floral Dress

Second hand from Y! Japan Auctions, but never worn by me. 32" bust max, 36.5" long. Sheer printed overlayer with silky underlayer, and threadble ribbon that ties under the bust. Fastens with side zip, in perfect condition. £10.00.


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