Squatney (noku_keki) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Chobits and Furuba? D:

So, the thing is I lent my Fruits Basket and Chobits manga to a couple people at school, then I quit school and came back for a couple visits and eventually got both series back, but then I forgot them when I left the last day that I was visiting (which was about a week or two before school ended) and apparently the school gave them away because I didn't come back to pick them up. So I want to buy them back again.

I lost Fruits Basket 1-8 and Chobits 1-8, and I'd prefer to buy them all from just one or two people (I don't expect one person to be selling all 16, espessially since the Fruits Basket ones are more recent.) I'll be paying with Paypal and I'd like them to be in around the $5 dollar each range (but I will pay a little more for the more recent Furubas, if I can get them). =3 Thanks a bunch. (I can delete this if it's not allowed, but I thought here would probably be the best place to ask without having to spend 160 bucks.)

I'm also buying a ton of other mangas, right now I really want Tsubasa vol.1 (can't find it anywhere!) and Clover vol.1 (can't find that either! D: ), and other misc. things. =3 So feel free to ask me about it.

And if anyone wants/needs it, my e-mail address is eve6li88@hellokitty.com. =3 Thanks.

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