lydia (illaparatzo) wrote in garagesalejapan,


Anime (Fruits Basket, Haibane Renmei);
Manga (Time Stranger Kyoko, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Legal Drug, Paradise Kiss);
Artbooks (CLAMP North and South Side);
CDs (Gackt);
and Magazines (Arena37c).

ANIME(all are domestic US releases):

Fruits Basket DVDs 1-3. $10 each or all three for $25.

Haibane Renmei DVDs 1-2. $10 each or both for $15.

MANGA (all is in Japanese):

Paradise Kiss 1-5, complete set. $5 each or all five for $20.

Time Stranger Kyoko 1-3, complete set. $4 each or all three for $10.

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne 1-7, complete set. $3 each or all seven for $15.

Legal Drug 1-2. $4 each.


CLAMP North Side. Beautiful art, from Kodansha published series. Clover, Card Captor Sakura, Magic Knights Rayearth, etc. $15.

CLAMP South Side. Art from Kadokawa Shoten and other publishers series. Angelic Layer, X, Legal Drug, Wish, etc. $15.


Arena 37c, February 2004. Features Psycho le Cemu on the cover, with a photoshoot of them in their Omoide Aruki costumes. Featured artists include Miyavi, baroque, FLAME, TM Revolution, THE ALFEE and Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Also includes a poster of PLC. $10.
Arena 37c, October 2004. Features RAG FAIR on the cover. Featured artists include Miyavi, ORANGE RANGE, w-inds, baroque, THE ALFEE, Psycho le Cemu, B'z, Dir en grey and TM Revolution. Includes a double sided RAG FAIR poster. $10.


Gackt - Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume single. Good condition. $5.
Gackt - Mizerable mini-album. Good condition. $10.
Gackt - MOON album. Slip case is scratched, and edges are a little worn on the CD area. CD has a couple of scratches but is still very playable. $15 including shipping within the US.

^LJ cut is very image heavy.

Shipping is actual based on zip code/country, and I can only accept US CASH or US POSTAL money order. No money order but the kind you can get from the post office~~ k?
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