Linh (toastednoodle) wrote in garagesalejapan,

selling stuffies :D

weee, here we go!

some stuff I'm selling:
POSTERS! (jrock and anime)
CDS! (including comment CDs from indies bands)
PHOTOS! (jrock)

first up... posters! (sorry if my feet are in a couple of pictures o_o) these are all BRAND NEW! except for the Kra poster, which I hung up once before with blue tac >_>

Kra pinup from Hevn
there's also a Kra thingy on the back!

Kra poster from Cure!
...and there's nothing on the back >_> oh and the poster's brighter than it looks in the photo >_>

PLC poster from SHOXX!
hmmm yeah.

Kiyoharu poster from UV
rawr! shirtless powerrr!

Fanatic Crisis poster from SHOXX

HUGE double sided poster of TMRevolution from Arena 37c
other side

Sister Princess clear posters
they're spiffy! 8D


Comment CDs from MASK and Shelly Trip Realize
exclusive from Third Stage only :O! I don't think they even have these anymore because they came with first press only :O!

MASK - er. some title
>_> yeaahhhh this is two CDs. One is MASK feat. Kazutake and the other is MASK feat. SANA. The thingy on the left is a cover that keeps the two CDs together (I have no idea what it's called XD) SOLD


Glossy shiny pretty photos!
Miyavi SOLD, Hyde and Gackt. They're regular photo size (like... if you were to get pictures developed... they would probably be this size...)

they're super duper spiffy! 8DD ON HOLD

hide badge SOLD, Hyde wallet card (Miyavi keychain not for sale)
>_> I'm too lazy to crop the keychain out :x
anyway the Hyde card was bent once in an awful horror story of trying to stuff it in my empty-but-full-of-useless-cards-wallet. it's still spiffy great though! lived in my wallet for about a year :D

I'm also thinking of selling the following magazines, but I'm not sure. If you're interested let me know, but I would like to scan in some pages before I mail these off. It won't damage the magazines very much.
Fool's Mate May 2005
Fools Mate April 2005
UV May 2005 (I think) - includes a pinup of MUCC/Kirito
SHOXX June 2005 - includes PLC stickers

STUFF I COULDNT BE BOTHERED TO TAKE PICTURES OF due to unforseen circumstances (aliens landed, my nonexistent dog ate the camera, etc)

Nightmare posters from:
SHOXX May (has some tape on the back due to a rip [which you can't see because of my superior taping skills]) and September 2004 (is in bad condition), January and August 2005.
Neo volume 1 (pinup, same size as the Kra pinup)

aanddd I'm also selling a KungFu Hustle poster (from a magazine), as well as fliers from Duel Jewel, Shulla, Flare, and Phylia (<- 2 copies).

Please comment here or email me (toastednoodle[at] for photos and more defails if interested in anything (especially stuff that I couldn't be bothered to take pictures of :D)

payment/shipping/etc details:
-I prefer Paypal, but I also do registered cash, which will take a lot longer to get to me.
-shipping is from Singapore. :D
-I recommend you opt for me to send whatever it is you're getting by registered airmail, because I'm insanely paranoid about stuff getting lost in the mail. (registering the package is only an additional US$1.50)
-please offer me a price. If you're really stuck I can give you a range, but it'll be a really wide range 8D
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