Shannon (classiestkid) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hi, I'm selling a few figures, dvds, a wall scroll and some other assorted stuff.
All prices include shipping.
If interested, comment here or email me at
no trades. Paypal preferred
I really need the money right away
Please no deadbeats!
thanks for looking

dvds available-
Serial Experiments Lain discs 1&2 $15 each
Noir disc 1 $15
Generator Gawl entire series box set $40
ask for pictures, all in perfect condition

Kingdom Hearts for PS2 with instructions and original case $15
Kingdom Hearts strategy guide, new, in good condtions $15

Outlaw Star complete series box set, includes 3 dvds
in great condition, bought for $75
asking for $50 (may negotiate)

Spike Spiegel Figure (trench coat spike is sold)
comes with stand, excellent condition.

CardCaptor Sakura Clow Book replica, excellent conditon, includes ALL cards

Li and Sakura figures, great condtion, includes stands
$8 a piece

Cowboy Bebop Spike and Faye wall scroll, is missing one of the black plastic caps that goes over the ends.
bought this for over $40 at Katsucon
$25 shipped

Cowboy Bebop figures
stairs that Spike is supposed to sit on.
stool Jet is supposed to sit on.
$15 for all, I paid $40 at Katsucon

Sailor Moon doll from Russia, $10

Harry Potter Gryffindor Scarf, purchased from Ebay
never used.
excellent condition.
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