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flyer sales

A while back I posted about visual kei indies bands flyer sales. If you still haven't received your fliers from me, it's because it grossly miscalculated on shipping prices and undercharged by about $5, so I'm sending the fliers from America. I will include extra ones for making you wait. Very sorry to keep you waiting.

In my first post, I mentioned a grab-bag of fliers, for a set price of $20 for 30, shipping extra. Since shipping from Japan was so expensive, a lot of people didn't end up buying for that reason. So now, I'm bringing a ton of flyers back to America and am re-issuing my sale here. This time, I'm offering random sets of fliers for any price above $10, and includes shipping within America (extra $2 for outside the states). So send me any amount of money, and I'll send you LOTS of fliers. (I have so many, I need to get rid of some, and I am so broke!) The more you send, the more I'll include. I won't be stingy, believe me ^^;

They will all be full-color, full-sized, non-damaged fliers, and they will be a random assortment from recent visual kei indies bands. I can't do specific requests, but if you have a preference of cutesy bands over gothy bands, I'll put together the piles that way, and if you have certain favorite current bands, I will try to include them if I have any.

Note: This is not a direct flyer requesting, I cannot guarantee I will be able to include all the bands you ask for, but list a lot and I will try to include as many as possible. I DO NOT have any flyers from any bands that broke up 3 years ago. PLEASE don't ask for Malice Mizer. I also do not have major (or major-like) bands besides Nightmare, Miyavi, and Despairs Ray.

I can accept pretty much all forms of payment: cash (USD), US domestic money orders or international postal money orders, non-credit card PayPal. I only request that you send your payment quickly, and I will be prompt in shipping too.

So, if you are interested, I need to know as soon as possible to know how many fliers to bring back with me. Comment like below:

Amount: $20
Preference: Cute/oshare-kei
Favorite bands: Clavier, HenzeL, Sugar Trip, Luvie, Kalen
Payment method: PayPal
email address: xxxxx@yahoo.com

Thanks for your time!
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