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i still have the following for sale/trade:

I accept paypal (non-credit), money order, well-hidden cash (not my fault if it's stolen ok?) and last but not the least.... TRADES! (especially if you have CHINESE movies on dvds or even on vcds,.. but ir really prefer dvds ^^) just take a look at my journal for my want list...

English Manga $6 ea. unless noted (PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE)

Demon Diary 1-4
Kodocha 2,4
The One I Love
Mars 1 $4
Boys Over Flowers 1-6
.hack//Legend Of Twilight 1-2 $10 for both
Eternity 1-3
Queen's Knight 1
Cross 1
Neck & Neck 1

Art Of Inuyasha Artbook (japanese text) make an offer!
Wedding Peach Inflatable beach ball

Region 1 Anime DVDs

Trouble Chocolate 3-5 $10 each or $25 for all three
Corrector Yui 4 $7
Real Bout High School 4 $8
Great Dangaioh 1 & 4 $12 for the 2 dvds

Anime VHS Tapes (all dubbed and commercial release)

Ayane's High Kick
Tenchi Muyo In Space 1-3
Tenchi Muyu The Final Battle

oh! and if anyone has SHINHWA cds and dvds or whatever ok? just let me know!!! ^^

...and i'm looking for these following dvds ^^ (mind you, it's a very long list but hope you can help me)

Master Q 2001
Legend Of Zu
Visible Secret
Visible Secret 2
Moving Targets
Goddess Of Mercy
Metade Fumaca
Winner Takes All
The Mirror
Comic King
Gen Y Cops
Sunshine Cops
Time & Tide
Twelve Nights
A-1 Headline
Final Romance
The Twins Effect
The Twins Effect II

Initial D
Nine Girls & A Ghost
The Eye
The Eye 2
Beijing Rocks
City Of Glass
Devil Face Angel Heart
Tokyo Raiders
White Dragon
Wu Yen
One Night In Mongkok
Enter The Phoenix
Face To Face
Haunted Office
House Of Fury
Magic Kitchen
Un Boiser Vole
The Irresistable Piggies
Sex & The Beauties
School Days
Tempting Heart
So Close
La Brassiere
Mighty Baby
Love On A Diet
Fighting For Love
Shaolin Soccer
Feel 100%
Feel 100%...Once More
Feel 100% II
Good Times Bed Times
My Sassy Girl
My Wife Is A Gangster
My Wife Is A Gangster 2
The Conman 2002
Blue Gate Crossing
Storm Riders
Crazy N The City
My Wife Is 18
My Dream Girl
It Had To Be You
Fly Me To Polaris
Para Para Sakura
Lion Roars
Warriors Of Heaven And Earth
Butterfly And Sword
Cat And Mouse
Anna In Kung Fu Land
The Floating Landscape
Inner Senses
Truth Or Dare: 6th Floor Rear Flat
Happy Family
Papa Loves You
Lost And Found
Heroes In Love
Summer I Love You
Six Strong Guys
Anna Magdalena
Heroic Duo
Super Model
Dummy Mommy Without A Baby
Sleeping With The Dead
Dial D For Demon
The Death Curse
Love On The Rocks
Beyond Our Ken
Battle Royale
Ju-Rei The Uncanny
The Tale Of Two Sisters

thank you all!
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