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[Selling] Manga, videos, posters

This stuff has been piling up for awhile, and I've been looking for a place to sell it. I recently found this coomunity, so I thought I'd try it out. ^_^

Manga ($5 each, unless otherwise noted. Many are in the older, "flipped" format, so if this is an issue for you, feel free to ask about any items you'd like to know about.)


3x3 Eyes "Flight of the Demon"
Bananafish vol. 1
Black Jack vol. 1
Cardcaptor Sakura vols. 1-4 (I have vols. 5 & 6, also, but I don't know where they are.)
Ceres: Celestial Legend vol. 4
Dragon Ball vols. 1-4
Eat-man "second course"
Evangelion vols. 1-4, 7 (I have vols. 5 & 6 as well, but I can't find them right now. ;_; Also, some vols. are the "collector's" edition and some aren't.)
fushigi yûgi vols. 1-4 (Again, I have vols. 5 & 6, but I don't know where they are. o_o)
Futaba-kun Change vol. 1
Gundam "Blue Destiny" (cover damaged, $2)
Gundam Wing "Ground Zero"
Inuyasha vols. 2-5
Jing: King of Bandits vol. 1
Joan vol. 1
Juline vols. 1 & 2
Magic Knight Rayearth vols. 1-3
Maico 2010 vol. 1
Maison Ikkoku vols. 1-14 (full series, old format. I think vol. 6 has bad bidning. So $3 for it alone, and $50 for set.)
Oh! My Goddess! "Ninja Master"
One pound Gospel "Knuckle Sandwich"
Peach Girl vol. 8
Ranma ½ vols. 1 & 2, 16
Record of Lodoss Wars: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight vol. 1
Revolutionary Girl Utena vols. 1-3
Rumic World trilogy vol. 3
Runrouni Kenshin vols. 1-3
Sailor Moon vol. 1 & vol. 8
Samurai Deeper Kyo vols. 1 & 2
Seraphic Feather vol. 1 "Crimson Angel" & vol. 2 "Seeds of Chaos"
Shadowstar vol. 1
Slam Dunk vol. 1
Sorcerer Hunters vol. 1 (damaged binding, $2)
Steam Detectives vol. 1
Urusei Yatsura vol. 2 "Return of Lum"
Wish vol. 1
X/1999 vol. 1 "Prelude" & vol. 2 "Overture"


BRONZE vol. 11
FLCL vols 1 & 2
LOVE vols. 18, 23, 25 ($1 for all three)
TARO densetsu ($3)
tokyo BABY game vol. 4 ($3)
X/1999 vol. 5

VHS tapes (dubbed, unless otherwise noted)

Dragon Ball Z ($5 each)
-Trunks Saga: "Mysterious Youth" (eps. 103-105), "Prelude to Terror" eps. (106-108)
-"Z Warriors Prepare" (eps. 109 &110, Burger King video)
-Android saga: "Assasins" eps. (118-120)
Earthian vol. 1 "The Beginning of the End" & vol. 2 "Fallen Angel" (subtitled, $7 each)
FAKE ($5)
Pokemon movie 1 (beat-up case, $3)
Rayearth OAV vol. 1 ($5)
The Slayers Next "Phantom City" (eps. 49-52, $5)
Those Who Hunt Elves vol. 1 ($3)
Video Girl Ai vol. 1 ($5)
Zelda: Majora's Mask preview video ($3)

Posters (some of these are in less than mint condition, but most will look absolutely fine hanging on a wall. ^_^ $1 each. If you want to know what the posters look like, let me know. Describing them here would take up too much space, but I don't expect anyone to buy them without knowing what they look like. ^_^)

3 Evangelion (water damaged ;_;)
3 Fushigi Yuugi (only one of these is in noticably bad condition)
3 Gundam Wing (these all look pretty good)
2 Slayers (these look even better than the Gundam ones)
1 Ranma
1 Yuu Yuu Hakusho
1 Fruits Basket
1 Yu-Gi-Oh

Contact me for payment and shipping info.

I've also got scads of trading cards and some stickers. I'll post those at a later date. I need to inventory them still. ^_^ Also, some of the manga is listed on right now, so if they sell on there before you read this, well, you're out of luck. :\
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