crazyforj00 (crazyforj00) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I have a huge lot of items up on ebay now, and I will be updating ebay again tommorow with more items. Financial aid screwed me over and I need to somehow make $2,000 before august 24th! T3T So needless to say, stuff has gotta go now. You can view my auctions here:

Things that are currently up:

Japanese self teaching books and kits, Harry Potter dvd's and books in a lot, Gravitation remix 5, Candy japanese fashion mags, Converse all star chucks size 10, a grey mens fedora from hot topic, and plus size clothing from lane bryant!

Items that will be listed in the next day or so:

More plus size clothing from lane bryant, 2 4XL corsets and a 3XL shirt from hot topics, a pair of pink anarchic boots size ten from hot topic, a pair of brown boots size 10, more hot topics hats, etc

Items that will be listed the week after that:

My computer, and whatever else I can manage to find that isn't nailed down in my house v.v

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