Eulbreve (kuinemure) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Flyers + Tour08 The Rose Trims Again

The latest batch of flyers (Chrome Shelled, Mix Speakers Inc., The Kiddie and many more) at $1 each and for 7 flyers and above, a Gab magazine will be given free!

more flyers can be found here

Regarding Dir en grey's latest release 'Tour08 The Rose Trims Again', Like an Edison and Jishuban will be including original limited edition shop only bonus items together with the purchase of this release (Irregardless of whether it is the initial press or normal press). The bonus items are:

Jishuban: Dir en grey mousepad
Like an Edison: Mobile phone strap cleaner and Photo Sticker.

If you'll like to get the release that comes with the shop bonus items or the flyers, please leave a comment or send a email to

Thank you!
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