Nytshaed (nytshaed) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Skeleton PJs WANTED! Please?

Help? I saw a picture of this costume months ago and have exhausted, (and annoyed) the few contacts I have in Japan to locate this costume. It is part of a trend called Kigurumi where you where adult sized kiddie style pajamas. I guess. I just know I want a set of them. I know they were sold in Shinkjuku City at a store called Don Quixote (sp?) for about $30.00 a set. They had tons of other styles, but I want the Skeleton ones pictured.

Does anyone in this community have a suggestion to finding a way to get them purchased for me? I am sure I could commission them here in the US, but the cost of the completed set in Japan, even with shipping to the US would be cheaper than I could buy the fleece for. I found that out when I made my "Where the Wild Things Are" Max wolf suit a couple of years ago.

Sorry if this is so way off topic. I am out of ideas and desperately jonsing for Skele PJs. Thanks! Nytie
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