paparoachster (paparoachster) wrote in garagesalejapan,

WTB: Dir en grey, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil


i'm looking to buy some stuff ^^
I'd like Dir en grey stuff. I have a lot of stuff already but yea... i also miss a lot still XD.  I'm looking for a few CD's, actually just some single's since i have all the cd's. Also some DVD's, merchandise, haiiro no ginka's, tourpamphlets etc etc etc so if you have anything from Dir en grey up for sale let me know and i might be interested.

I'm also looking for final fantasy and Resident Evil stuff (not the games or the movies but mostly just merch stuff ^^, figures etc). So yea let me know if you have anything up for sale.

I can pay by paypal and shipping would be to the Netherlands ^^
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