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19 April 2009 @ 05:15 pm
visual kei items for sale on eBay and last.fm  

hello everyone!


i have some visual kei/jrock-related CDs, DVDs, posters, etc. for sale on eBay, and some listed in posts on last.fm.

almost everything i own is in perfect or near-perfect condition, unless otherwise noted.


so far, i have items from the following artists listed on eBay:


(click on the artist name to go to my eBay items for that artist)


D (CDs and DVDs, almost every release up to Neo culture, most with autographs or message CDs)

Aliene Ma'riage (CDs and a poster)

LM.C (CDs and DVDs, every release up to LIAR LIAR)

MALICE MIZER (CDs, DVDs, and a poster)


*i also have D / The name of the ROSE (2nd press w/bonus tracks, with autograph), Paradox (remastered, with autograph), and 夢なりし空中庭園 (remastered with bonus tracks), and ASAGI and Ruiza's first solo CDs not yet listed. i'll list those later tonight, along with some Syndrome items.


starting prices are set at the very lowest i'll take on some items since i'm having trouble parting with these and i don't want to lose any money on them.


on last.fm, i have the following:


NTI FEMINISM (CDs, DVDs, a VHS, a coupling CD with Deadly Sanctuary, and a compilation)

zero (CDs)

査~マルサ~ (MARUSA) (CDs)

Viored (CDs)

MALICE MIZER (some CDs that are not listed on eBay, scroll to the bottom of the post)


if you don't have a last.fm account, you can contact me here.

combined shipping is possible with any of my items, whether listed on ebay or elsewhere.



i'll be posting many more items on both ebay and last.fm in the coming days. below is a partial list of artists i'll be selling CDs, DVDs, posters, goods, etc from, if there are any you're interested in, let me know and i'll give you a list of what i have.



HIZAKI grace project / HIZAKI

Schwardix Marvally

彩冷える (ayabie)
メガマソ (megamasso) (*maybe)

D'espairsRay (*maybe)

PIERROT (later stuff, from PSYCHEDELIC LOVER to breakup)



machine (HAKUEI and Kiyoshi)

Madbeavers (Kiyoshi, Chirolyn, Joe; from hide's band)

acid android (yukihiro from L'Arc~en~Ciel)

KAZUYUKI MATSUMOTO (ka-yu from Janne Da Arc)

you (from Janne Da Arc)




Bang-Doll (*maybe)

ZXS / ゼクス






クロウズ (CROWS)

along with several visual kei compilations.

i also have a list of items i'd be willing to trade for.

i'll post again in a few days with the next set of listings.

if you have any questions, please let me know. thanks very much for looking!

Michi[yo].: laughters_guys♥michiyo69 on April 19th, 2009 09:45 pm (UTC)
Hi, I'm interested on what you have of Ayabie ? ^^
alphastorm on April 20th, 2009 07:50 am (UTC)
well, i guess it's mostly things from after ryohei left, except for one thing:

ロマンサー/変態最終頁 (romancer/metamor last page) (1st pressing) (with photo printed on glossy photo paper)

君の声と約束 A type (kimi no koe to yakusoku) (case has 2 small cracks on the back, but otherwise the contents are perfect)
君の声と約束 B type (kimi no koe to yakusoku) (with message CD from Third Stage)
桜舞う季節に A type (sakura mau kisetsu ni) (with DVD - PV version) (with comment sheet from Third Stage)
桜舞う季節に B type (sakura mau kisetsu ni) (with DVD - live version) (with comment sheet from Third Stage)
Cubic'「L/R」ock type A (with DVD) (with glossy photo)
Cubic'「L/R」ock type B (with bonus track) (with glossy photo)
ユビサキ (yubisaki) (with glossy photo)

バージンスノーカラー (virgin snow color) (with DVD) (with message CD from Third Stage)
エキュメニカル (ecumenical) (with glossy photo)

spring tour '07 ecumenical image (DVD, 2 discs)

i think that's all i'm selling for now. if you're interested in any let me know^^ i sent you a message on last.fm about the MALICE MIZER singles also.