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FS: JROCK VKEI CDS , Poster, lolita blouse etc

The pumpkin heads limited edition with rui card and dvd - small scratch in the cd case, but cant see it the picture. its the glare. $40 shipped in usa.
GO!GO!1788 - I used the poster ..4 pinmarks. will be included. excellent condition otherwise. - $26shipped.
tarrot (indies visual kei band) two singles for $25 +shipping. brand new!!
I have AN CAFE shikai moment like new! - $35 shipped.

GLB Vol 21 - Gothic Lolita Bible vol22 there is a scratch dent on the cover $16shipped. comes with patterns angelic pretty one peice.
Gothic Lolita punk burando book - $ 26shipped
gothic lolita bible vol 19 comes with patterns.  $18shipped
arena 39 feat alicenine., with poster i used it. - $18shipped

Visible blouse 32inche bust 27 inch long sleeves. M size. $45+shipping

Dir en grey poster. used $5 + shipping. in a tube is more expensive or can fold it and ship to you.

PLC and NOIZ poster is $2.50 or $4 for both. i use the plc. noiz is new.
Tags: fashion: egl, music: jrock
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