2¾ cups of sleep (kaworu) wrote in garagesalejapan,
2¾ cups of sleep

looking for the person who was holding x/1999 manga for me.. sorry i've been slow, and i've lost your username.. but i'd like to buy volume 17 now if you still have it. please e-mail me at missaway[at]aol.com. X3;

selling the following manga for $5, $1 s/h. us only, money order or cash (at your own risk, of course).

peach girl: change of heart vol. 1
ranma 1/2 vol. 1
marmalade boy vol. 7
excel saga vol. 1
sorcerer hunters vol. 1

also, i'm on the lookout for cell phone straps (especially pycola from digi charat or anything having to do with studio ghibli) and one certain featuring the PKO from digi charat. if anyone has either, or something related, please feel free to post.

and a question.. is there anyone with paypal that would be willing to help me bid for a few things on ebay in exchange for trade items? there are two things in particular i'm looking at and am hoping to trade for something on my trade list -- i have a mint chobits clock and a few other neat things on there. click --> here!

thank you! T3T
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