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Looking for TONS of CDs!

I've decided to actually buy all the CDs I've been meaning to over the years instead of just listening to my sample mp3s. ;)

So here is my long long long list of CDs I am looking for. Right now I'm not willing to pay more than $15 for an album and no more than $5 for a single. I'm looking for CDs in good condition with CD cases and booklets included.

Thanks, and now



Japanese Acid Android - Acid Android (Yukihiro ^^) Akane - Akane iro Akino Arai - Furu Platinum Akino Arai - RGB Akino Arai - Sora no Mori Amuro Namie - 181920 Amuro Namie - Concentration 20 OFFER MADE PAID Amuro Namie - Break The Rules Amuro Namie - Genius 2000 Amuro Namie - Original Tracks Amuro Namie - Dance Tracks Amuro Namie - Sweet 19 Blues OFFER MADE PAID Ayumi Hamasaki - Love Appears BoA - Best of Soul BoA - Peace B Remixes Bonnie Pink - Even So Bonnie Pink - Miracle Core of Soul - Natural Beauty Core of Soul - Rainbow Core of Soul - Flying People Core of Soul - 3 Day After Tomorrow - Day After Tomorrow Do As Infinity - Gates of Heaven Do As Infinity - Break of Dawn Erico - Erico Exile - EXILE SINGLE BEST Flame - Flame Style Gackt - Mars Gackt - Rebirth Gackt - Moon Gackt - Crescent Gackt - The Sixth Day Gackt - The Seventh Night Gackt - Love Letter Garnet Crow - first soundscope Hiro - BRILLIANT (Avex Tracks) Hyde - Roentgen Hyde - 666 Janne da Arc - Another Story Janne da Arc - GAIA Kinya Kotani - What? Physical Kokia - Remember Me Kumi Koda - Grow Into One Kumi Koda - Secret L'arc en Ciel - Tierra L'arc en Ciel - True L'arc en Ciel - REAL L'arc en Ciel - AWAKE Matsu Takako - Five Years (singles collection) Melody - Sincerely MINMI - Miracle MINMI - imagine Moon Child O.S.T. (doesn't exist by itself) OLIVIA - The Lost Loli Shinatami Hitomi - Delicious! (Best of...) (Avex) S.O.A.P. - Grace Suite Chic - When Pop Hits The Fan Tetsu 69 - 15 1/2 Tetsu 69 - Suite November Utada Hikaru - Distance Utada Hikaru - Deep River Zwei - Pretty Queen Chinese Cheung Cecilia - Cecilia Cheung New & Best Collection Leehom Wang - Shangri-la (2nd version) Lee Wen Coco - CoCo (Sony Music Entertainment HK) Lee Wen Coco - D.IS.CO CO (Sony Music TW) Wang Fei - 100,000 Whys (Cinepoly/Polygram) Wang Fei - Sky (Cinepoly/Polygram) Korean Baby VOX - Boyish Story Baby VOX - Baby Vox Special Album (3 CDs 1 VCD) BoA - Miracle BoA - No. 1 OFFER MADE Kiss - Kiss1 (has the song Because I'm a Girl on it) M.I.L.K. - With Freshness Park Ji Yoon - Park Ji Yoon 4 Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) - Op.4 (Japan Version) SES - Surprise SES - Dreams Come True SES - Friend Anime .hack/sign OST 1 .hack/sign OST 2 Gundam Wing Soundtrack Operation 1 (King Records) Gundam Wing Soundtrack Operation 3 (King Records) Other Blumchen - Die Welt Gehort Dir Lady Jay Dee - Binti Miranda - Vamos a La Playa (Wea)


Japanese Aya & Chika (from D&D) - Kiss In The Sun Ayumi Hamasaki - Kanariya Ayumi Hamasaki - Endless Sorrow BoA & Kumi Koda - The Meaning of Peace Melody - Believe Me Meyou - Suki Desu Tommy February6 - Jet'aime Jet'aime Sakamoto Maaya - Yubiwa Utada Hikaru - Can You Keep A Secret? Utada Hikaru - Exodus Utada Hikaru - Easy Breezy OFFER MADE PAID

All payments for US sellers will be sent this week.

Wow look at all the offers we have! Thanks a lot guys!

<3 mirandatsukino & koi_yosei

Utada Hikaru - First Love **Thanks sawawa!

L'arc en Ciel - Dune **
L'arc en Ciel - Heavenly**
L'arc en Ciel - HEART**
L'arc en Ciel - Ark **
L'arc en Ciel - Ray**Thanks ataniell93!

L'arc en Ciel - Ectomorphed Works**Thanks evilmandykins!

Aikawa Nanase - ID**Thanks biscuitgirl!

Taebin - Taebin of 1TYM vol.1**Thanks mehmehs

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