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VKei Goods, Gothic Lolita Bibles Doujin etc :3

I'm selling off a lot of my Visual Kei goods along with some other things, I've decided to lower the prices quite a bit since I didn't have a lot of luck the last time I tried to sell things.

All singles: $5
All Albums: $15
Doujinshi: $10
Gothic Lolita Bible: $12 each
-there may be exceptions and they are stated below, prices do NOT include shipping.

Please comment if you want more pictures, details, have any questions or anything, I take paypal, and concealed cash. I'll ship anywhere in the world, but please be aware shipping internationally in the USA is rather pricey. I'm willing to negotiate as long as it's reasonable, I will combine shipping if you buy more than one thing, and willing to make combination deals (like if you buy all of my stuff of one band it'll be a discount, that kinda thing) Not really interested in trades but if Kyo and Kaoru are involved I might! Thanks for looking :)

Gothic & Lolita Bible vol 9 & 13 (13 is missing the sewing pattern, but both magazines are in perfect condition): $12 each (or best offer!)

Doujinshi: $10 a piece (most is yaoi pairings vary)
2 Digimon Frontier (mostly Koichi x Kouji x Takuya)
1 Yu-gi-oh (Seto x female Jounouchi)-explicit-
1 Pirates of the Caribbean (Bootstrap Bill -NOT how he looks in movies- x Jack Sparrow and Will x Jack) -Explicit must be over 18 to buy-
3 Lord of the Rings (mostly Boromir x Faramir/ Boromir x Aragorn)

(Will be happy to provide more details/pics to potential buyers)

Posters: $10 (full size posters NOT magazine size)

Moi dix Mois -sold tyvm!-
Gullet (is signed! has a bit of damage though) -sold tyvm!-

I also have one magazine pull out size poster of Pierrot (a corner is ripped) and on of J (used to be in Luna Sea) if anyone is interested in seeing them let me know, prolly only ask $4-5 for them

Most CDs come with their original Obi and packaging, just please ask me if you are interested so I can verify/double check it for you.

Singles:$5 (all are in perfect/mint condition) US shipping $5 (including bubble mailer and postage) Europe/Canada $6 I'll be happy to ship to Asia, but I haven't yet, so I'm not sure what shipping there would be.

Se'ikspia: Oath

Rentrer en Soi: Wither -sold tyvm!-

Marderay'la: -Kiseki- Ring (comes with a pic of one of the members :D )

Gullet: Hide & Sick -sold tyvm!-

Gullet: Mad bless you -sold tyvm!-

Givuss: Hana Tori Kaze Tsuki -sold tyvm!-

Moi dix Mois: Shadows Temple

Moi dix Mois: Dialogue dix Symphonie

Albums: $15 (mint condition)
Same shipping as singles

Alice Nine: 祇園盛者の鐘が鳴る -The Gion Temple's Bells Toll-

Moi dix Mois: Dix Infernal

Other CDs: various prices

Tekken: Soundtrack -$2 (I can't remember if this is the vocal drama CD or if it's an actual game soundtrack, I can check if anyone is interested though)

Under: A Twinkle Strawberry Discord (this is being packaged with a whole lot of stuff, including an Under flyer, a sticker, a signed sheet -I believe it's just printed though-, as well as anything that came with the original packaging) -$25

I have perfect feedback on e-bay under then name Toko-kun if you would like to check that out and thanks for looking! I'll be more than happy to hold items for a timely fashion for paychecks and whatnot, so don't be afraid to ask! :3
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