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26 April 2009 @ 03:57 pm
Johnny's cds and anime goods  
hi, I'm selling mainly Johnny's cds and various anime (Hetalia, Pretty Cure, Shounen Jump, etc.) goods, both new and used.

Please check out my selling post to see exactly what I am selling.

Also, since I am located in Japan, and near Tokyo, I can look for items for people. But you have to give me a visual reference of what the item looks like, the price and the store(s) that are known to carry the item. For any item or order over 500 Yen I will ask for a partial payment (which will be non-refundable) before I buy the item, so I do not risk buying the item just to have someone change their mind and back out. You can PM me the information or leave a comment at my selling post.
Current Location: Saitama, Japan