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Final Outsale: J-Rock items, cute/stylish Fashion, Anime, Manga & more - everything must go! ^.^v

Re-posting my offers again - new fashion items added + there is still loads of cool stuff looking for new owners.^.^v

J-Rock CDs/DVDs/Photobooks/Merchandise/signed photo, Anime/Manga stuff, cute Asian fashion & accessoires, books, games, movie DVDs & Collectibles!

(!) All prices in USD (billing in € also possible)
(!) Open for (partially) trades
(!) Located in Germany, but will ship worldwide, Paypal account available
(!) free surprise gift with each purchase (as long as supply lasts)

J-Rock CDs + DVDs, concert merchandise, photobooks, poster & magazines

stylish L'Arc-en-Ciel Canvas Shopper, including the Theatre of Kiss oversized button, original from Shanghai concert // $ 15

KIYOHARU - Travel from Tenshi no uta 2006 3-DVD-Set, Imperial Records Japan, RC 2, excellent condition, $ 24

exclusive HYDE watercolor (aquarell) painting made esp. for me by a German artist called Elyon Sommer, unfortunetely I don't have the space left anymore, special thick paper & professional aquarell colours, measurements: 25 x 36 cm (A3 format), I paid nearly 40 € for material, working time & shipping so please make a reasonable offer ^^;

RUNA signed photo & autograph sheet from all band members (received on convention), $ 5

Shiina Ringo Single CD "Mayonaka Wa Junketsu", $ 5

Do as ifinity - "Rain Forest" Album CD in special wrapping // $ 12

DOA - "deadstock" Album CD // $ 8

Ectomorphed Works (Album) - L'Arc-en-Ciel // $ 12

Blurry Eyes (3" Single) - L'Arc-en-Ciel, mint condition + pretty rare, cause it's the original CD release from 1994 // $ 10

Poetry (1. Soloalbum) - Kiyoharu // $ 19

Babylon (Album) - Sads // $ 25

Melodies [Single] - KIYOHARU // $ 10
first press limited edition including CD + DVD

Original HYDE (L'Arc-en-Ciel) autograph on 9x13 cm high-quality photo, bought from a Fan-Club member in Japan, please just make your offer --> Currently on hold!

Rebirth (Album) - Gackt // $ 25

Mars [Album] - Gackt // $ 25
SOLD - thanks a million

KIYOHARU - Room of Melancholy, full-coloured & textless photobook, app. 165 pages, excellent condition, ultra-rare!, $ 28
SOLD - thanks a million

Gothic Lolita Bible, US-Version autumn 2008, English language, like new! // $ 9
SOLD - thanks a million

Aibu [Single] - KIYOHARU // $ 10
first press limited edition including CD + DVD
SOLD - thanks a million

AYA - A flower in the battlefield (Album CD) // $ 7
SOLD - thanks a million


NARUTO Sasuke Uchiha Actionfigur, still unwrapped in original packaging, can move parts of his body & even throw with the small plastic toy daggers // $ 5
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

kawaiii Fashion
supercute, double-layered dress from pinkdiamond (South Korean brand), actually consists of 2 dresses (Chiffon dress & inner dress made fram cotton) one-size, fits perfectly at size S but will also fit from size XS to size M, new & unworn!, $ 20

checked blouse/shirt from Japan (label is called Marna), size M (might fit even small size L), $ 8

Hoodie-Longshirt with scarf from South-Korea, one-size, ill fit from Gr. S to maybe small L, $ 10

supercute Bear-printed Pouch (I think it's selfmade - got it on the internet) for MP3, cellphones, cosmetic or other small stuff you like to keep safe, $ 4

supercute Neckholder Longshirt/Minidress from Korea, size S, never worn, $ 12

Glamorous Sky Silver Anklet, new & unused including special Glamorous Sky velvet pouch + Box,
$ 12

supercute Cat Ear Hat, one-size & no brand, unworn(was bought on a German convention^^), $ 12

cute Neckholder-Tubedress and additional jacket, size S, new & unworn, cause I got it 2 of them from Yesstyle.com by mistake^^; // $ 12

TOKIDOKI big sized case/cosmetic bag // $ 9

Wong Kar-Wai "In the mood for love" original Fan shirt, size M // $ 10
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

Skirt size XS/S & one-size belt from Japan // $ 5 each
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us

More fashionable items (Goth Lolita, Rockabilly & more) can be found in my Journal!^.^v Loads of new items added there:

supercute Rabbit Ear Hoodie/Jacket from Punk Rave, size L (will fit from size S to L cause it can be perfectly adjusted to your body by the lacing), new & unworn, labels still attached, $ 20--> SOLD - Thanks a million!


Final Fantasy X-2 limited Edition Strategy Guide/Art-Collection, original from Brady Games USA, includes Brady Games Strategy Guide (352 pages), Artbook of FF X/X-2 (96 page), super-sized poster(both sides printed), weights app. 1 kg // $ 35


Arc the Lad Vol. 1-6 (complete TV-series) US-Version, RC 1, contains a lot of extra features, engl./japan. language dialogue, engl. subtitles optional to choose // $ 50 for all 6 items

K 2 Kiss me, Kill me Vol. 1-4, German language

Mirage of Blaze - Rebels of the River Edge, RC 1, US-version // $ 15

Texhnolyze DVDs Vol. 4 & 6, UK release, RC 2, English language dialogue, Japanese language dialogue with English subtitles are optional // $ 10 each
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

KARE - First Love, Vol. 6 - US-version from VIZmedia // $ 4
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mars Vol. 1,5,6,7,10,11,12,13 German language

Cute X Guy Vol. 1, German language, $ 4

Killing Iago Vol. 1, German language, $ 4

DAISUKI Nr. 2/2009 Vampire Knight, Skip Beat & more, German language, $ 2


"Be with you" special limited Edt. DVD-Boxset (limited on 3000 copies!): Contains the movie DVD, the limited Edt. certificate, that cut rain doll (secret star of the movie^^), letter set, a biro pen with movable picture of the secret movie star^^, massive & hardcover diary and all together wrapped in a beautiful box, japanische language dialogue with English subtitles, RC 3 // $ 25

Infernal Affairs Vol. 1 & 2, special 2-Disc-Edition, German & Cantonese language dialogue, RC 2, $ 7 each

Johnnie To "The Mission", Cantonese/Mandarin with English or Chinese subtitles, $ 3

Andy Lau "Protege" special Edition DVD incl. 8 movie cards, English/Chinese language (photo coming soon), $ 8

Books from & about Japan (mostly in English)
Japanese textbooks "Nihongo de Bijinesu Kaiwa-Shokyuuhen" for starters/advanced learners who'd like to practise esp. business Japanese, contains some small remarks (mostly made with pencil) but the rest is in very good condition, $ 4 each

Japanese Graphics Now!, big-size coloured book, 607 pages including DVD! // $ 20

ICONS - China Style // $ 4

Interior Design, Tl.2, Uchida, Mitsuhashi, Nishioka & Studio 80: 2 (Architecture and Design , Vol 2) // $ 10

The Samurai: A Military History by Stephen Turnbull // $ 15
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