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Furoku update! 300+ items added to the site!

Well folks I did it again. I managed to get a combined total of 300+ items listed onto the site and took many of the older sold out items off. I have items from the following series updated now!

 Akume na Eros   Kaikan Phrase Yami No Matsuei  Tokyo Mew Mew  Card Captor Sakura  Pita Ten  Bentitsu Shoujo  Parfait Tic Delicious  Full Metal Panic  Gentleman's Alliance  Gundam Seed  Bleach  Full Metal Alchemist  DN Angel  Rosen Maiden  Tsubasa Chronicle  Code Geass  Dr. Rin  Hana Kimi  Basara

Then in addition to these series items I have a ton of other series, including but not limited to, very old series from Nakayosi & Ribon!! 1/2 Wedding, Marine Blue, UruQ and more! Please stop by and have a look while enoying the many items I have now released from my private collections. Many items are limited to only 1 of each.

For orders over $150.00 I will accept lay-a-way plans. However, the following rules will need to be understood clearly before entering into the lay-a-way options with me.
 You *must* confirm your orders. There are absolutely *no* changes once I send the invoice and buyer confirms items. 
 You *must* pay 1/2 up front invoice will have all your shipping info and charges which will need to be included in deposite.
 You have 1 month to pay the additional half.
 No refunds. No exchanges. That's why you confirm! You buy it, it's yours. I get payment & mark items sold out! Make sure you have the money before you purchase.
 Unless the order is a couple hundred I will not offer more time. 1 month is all you get. Make note of it.
 Please read and understand the above carefully.


I will NOT tolerate abusers to this option. If I do I will take it away. You will be blacklisted. And will not be allowed to order from me in the future.

Feel free to add a coment here, through e-mail, LJ messages, or through my post for this in my LJ account. Thank you and have fun browsing!

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