that's unfortunate (fishpatrol) wrote in garagesalejapan,
that's unfortunate

Selling BL manga + artbook

I'm selling a couple of sets of manga and an artbook. There are freebies too!

$30/set (all English)
Yellow 1-4
Challengers 1-4
Earthian 1-4

Switch artbook by Naked Ape (Japanese)

Crayon Shin-chan 11-15 (Chinese)

Buy two sets and get one of these Japanese BL manga for free; buy three sets and get both for free:

Everything is in good condition and prices are negotiable.

But here's the catch: since postage is ridiculously expensive (darn you, Canada Post!), I would really prefer to sell to someone in the Greater Toronto Area and meet up in downtown Toronto.

Thanks for browsing!
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