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It's FRIDAY FRIDAY gotta get down on FRIDAY


I still has some items up for sale at my journal...

geaux here!
  • SERIOUS BUYERS PLEASE. If you take too long to respond I'm gonna assume you're not interested anymore and the items will go to the next interested person. I can do holds, but keep in mind I am very impatient and so I'll only hold for like a week before I let someone else jump on it.
  • I am located in the United States.
  • I ONLY accept PayPal at the moment, partially because I am going back and forth between two states right now...ALTHOUGH, if you are a US buyer I will consider taking a money order...but PayPal is preferred, therefore PayPal purchasers get precedence.
  • All prices are BEFORE shipping o.o
  • International buyers get 50% off shipping, just to keep things fair, BUT your stuff will take longer to arrive; I can't afford to use Priority Mail for every international purchase.
  • I MUST receive payment before I ship out. There is no getting around this rule.
  • If you don't liek my prices I am happy to negotiate. You probably ain't gettin' more than 25% off (at the moment). Just sayin'...
  • No trades - I am looking to SELL.
EDIT: Some items that were previously on hold have been taken off, due to my impatience - it's been over a week. Act now!

I'd like to get rid of it as soon as possible, preferably before mid-May. o.o If you're quick I can have your order shipped out by this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon...
Tags: idols: johnny's, manga: english, manga: japanese, music: jpop
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