☆♪ÜŁîƏ☆ (juliechama) wrote in garagesalejapan,

selling away my life :D

I'm selling a lot of stuff from anime: collectibles, posters, plushies, etc. Also have a few magazines and photo postcards~

Here's a small list of stuff that's in the collection:

- Arina Tanemura collectibles for Full Moon wo Sagashite & Time Stranger Kyoko (including bags, stationary, accessories, etc)
- January 2004 issue of Fool's Mate
- Saiyuki
- Collectibles from Ribon Magazine (Aishiteruze Baby, Gals, Ultra Maniac, etc.)
- Chobits
- Tenchi Muyo
- English and Japanese Manga

just to name a few.. I'm still in the process of photographing everything so please keep an eye on my journal for more items to come this week~! I need most of this stuff sold by July 3rd, since I'll be going back to college then, but I'll be back home in Dec (if you can wait that long haha)

Click here for the Master List~!

Tags: anime, collectibles, fashion: cosplay, fashion: general, magazines, music: jrock, posters
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