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Anime Garage Sale

My anime "garage sale" has been in the works for over a month. Working on it off and on, adding to it, and it's STILL not done. Nevertheless, I want to get started. I offer what's up now, will post again in the future, maybe with lowered prices as time goes, and I figure out how much people will pay for things. ;) Also, there are some deals here and there for discounted or free merchandise, so keep an eye open.

My selling journal.
Featuring "Saiyuki" merchandise, pencilboards "Zero Sum" Japanese manga magazine, "Newtype" magazine (Japanese & American), "Animage" magazine, music CDs, and more.

To come: DVDs, graphic novels, manga, and more.

The journal has several posts organized by merchandise type, so if there's a particular title you collect, check everywhere. Or drop me a comment, and I'll help out even offer you things that aren't yet posted. ^^ A long time buyer, I am however a first-time seller, so please bear with me any mistakes I make.
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