Anna (tricianna) wrote in garagesalejapan,

help! drowning in stuff!

So...much...clutter. My need to clean-up is your gain.

I accept Paypal, money orders, concealed cash (at your risk). I ship worldwide. Shipping for one manga or item within U.S. is $2.00. If you're buying more than one item, we can negotiate shipping privately. Am also not accepting trades.

Manga (in English) - $4.00/each
From Far Away 1 (Viz) ON HOLD
Rurouni Kenshin 4 (Viz)
Gundam Seed 1 (Del Rey)
Naruto 1-5 (Viz) - ON HOLD
Peach Girl Change of Heart 1-4 (Tokyopop) - ON HOLD

Manga (in Japanese) - $5.50/each
Tactics 1-2
Weiss Kreuz Side B 1-2

Peach Girl clear file - $4.50 [image]
Peach Girl transparent pencilboard - $3.00 [image]
Happy Hustle High notebook - $4.00
2 Fullmetal Alchemist pencilboards - [image 1] [image 2]
* 1st pencilboard is regular-sized; a furoku from Newtype (JP) magazine
* 2nd pencilboard is the mini-size; it's also translucent

Photographs of some of the items may be found at my sale page.

Also, I have some items currently running on eBay, including a Bleach doujinshi, an issue of Betsucomi magazine featuring Hot Gimmick, etc. Thanks for looking!
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