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FS: J-rock cd's, merch, anime and game merch etc.


I've decided to sell some new stuff since i need money again, and also since i really don't use some of these items and they could go to someone who would appreciate them more.

First off:

- I ship from the Netherlands and i ship world wide.
- Shipping is NOT included.
- I accept paypal (please no cc-paypal), and banktransfer for people inside the EU or the Netherlands.
- I accept payment in Euro only (if you want to know how much it is in your currency you can use a currency converter and google is your friend ^^)
- I'm not responsible for anything lost during shipping (it hasnt happened to me yet and i've shipped out a lot but still if you would like to secure yourself from this , please ask about insurance)
- i will let you know as soon as i ship (i try to do this as soon as possible after payment)
- i have positive feedback on LJ on a selling journal i have with a friend (didnt post this sale there since it was faster right now to do it with my own account XD) and even more feedback as mail, and also positive feedback as a buyer on ebay. If you want to see that all please do ask ^^
- I will consider offers, but please be reasonable, some of these things have cost me a lot.
- if you have any question feel free to ask ^^.

soooo on to the stuff ^^


* Ain't afraid to die (single includes obi, and is new. I'm selling this one because i have it double :( )
€10,-  [SOLD] 

* Arena 37 C- Dir en grey cover Arena 37 No 248 05.2003
- The mag is still in good state but has some small signs of usage. It was like that when i bought it. I'm selling it because in my enthousiasm i bought it double ^^" No poster included.
- €7,-

The GazettE

* TOUR 2006-2007「DECOMPOSITION BEAUTY」FINAL Meaningless Art That People Showed AT YOKOHAMA ARENA.
- The DVD is new, has never been played, but is not sealed anymore. It's the European edition.
- €25,-

*Standing Live tour 2006「Nameless Liberty.Six Guns...」-TOUR FINAL-at
- The DVD is new, has never been played and is in perfect condition. It's not sealed anymore but otherwise everything is as new.
It's the European Editioni
- €20,-

* 2 Gazette Buttons. One is official, bought at the concert, the other one i'm not sure.
They have been used, so there aresome signs of usage but are still in good condition.

- €2,- for both OR if you buy one of the DVD's you can chose one for free(unless they have been sold). If you buy both DVD's and i still have both buttons you can also have both ofcourse.


-Miyavi shirt size M

bought this shirt during his show here in the Netherlands. I've worn it once, and never worn it again. It's in perfect condition.
- €15,-  (price lowered!)

- Miyavi Towel
- I also bought this one during his show. It has been pinned up against my wall, but is in perfect condition. Since i'm not actually a miyavi fan i've decided to sell this one (even if i think it's so beautiful!). It's pretty rare now.
- €40,- 


Lyrical Sympathy European special edition CD+DVD
- Condition is perfect, has been opened and played once.


* Death Note Figure set.
- They come without a box, the figures are in perfect state and have only been displayed. I only sell these as a set!


* Vega Figure
- I actually love Vega so it hurts to sell this one, but i really have no space for it and i really need the cash so.
as you can see it's in absolute perfect state, as new,  it's still in the box and has never been opened! This one is really rare!

If you're interested or if you have any questions, leave a comment here or send me a message ^^.

Thanks for looking!

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