Ayako (stalk_kenchan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Anime, Manga, and NDS game

Hey, people! I finally decided to use the journal I made two years ago so I can better organize the sales I do on LJ. I have the same stuff as last time, but have chosen to settle on prices instead of asking for best offers. I'm also offering a discounted price for anyone who purchases the entire CG DVD collection.

My selling journal is here: LUJU SALES: yeah, we know the username doesn't match.

As a reminder, I have
*One Piece the 1st log
essentially 4-5 volumes of manga bundled into one gigantic magazine
*Code Geass R1 Limited Edition
the entire series with extras such as the manga and sound episodes
*Kanken DS 2
*Tokyo Babylon (Complete)
Tags: anime, manga: japanese, video games
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