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domokun + POLYSICS shirts, j-style accessories, DE dreads, boots, pullip and blythe

hi guys
cleaning out my closet so i can become a hippie with no possessions. my loss, your gain:

madame rosebud doll by blythe. will come with stock clothing/accessories, card and box. make offers. alice in wonderland doll will come with everything including shoes, clothing but no box.

pullip taeyang filato - both his feet were broken when i got him, and i reattached them, so i'm willing to sell him cheap. will come with clothing/accessories and box as well as his stock.

pullip rida - will come with clothing, accessories, and her box/stock. make offers.

2 domokun shirts - both size L in regular shirt size. $15 each.

POLYSICS shirt - not even sure i want to sell this, so make good offers. i paid around $40 for it and would like about that back.

skull buckle boots. size 8. $20.

big stompy multi lace boots - size 8 $20.

purple and green DE dreads - worn once by me. will be cleaned. make offers.

japanese style accessories - the only thing i want a decent price for is the MILK heart bracelet. everything else is make an offer.

MILK brand bracelet. make an offer.

prices don't include shipping.
the only things i am willing to trade for is elfquest merch (as in the comic series), krystonia figurines, pixie/elf clothing, crystals (as in rocks), or the LED lights from dylan toymaker.
i ship from canada, and will ship ANYWHERE. you pay the shipping. shipping for the dolls must be signed for and tracked.
don't waste my time.
make offers, i'll consider them.
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