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Selling several different loliable items!

Rules First

~If you comment to buy the item or have a question but do not respond within 24 hours I will pass it on to the next person
~I will take higher offers if more than one person is interested Please do not be offended if someone offers more than you, this is not necessarily a first come first serve basis.
~I ship from the US and am willing to ship interntionally for an additional shipping fee listed next to each item
~I accept paypal only at this time and must charge fees because of my account type
~I am happy to answer questions but serious buyers and buying related comments only please
~I will only do holds with a non-refundable deposit

Items within the US are shipped parcel post. Insurance and tracking are not included.
Items shipped internationally are sent 1-3 week mail also without insurance and tracking.

Insurance and faster shipping are available if the buyer is willing to pay for them.

I have lots of feedback on the database as both a buyer and seller :)

The items all come from a smoke free home. I do have a dog but he is a non-shedding breed and gets nowhere near my lolita clothes.


I'm wanting to buy or trade for the following items
~Offbrand jumpers or dresses
~Summer lolita shoes
~Blue or green lolita shoes
~Mint green lolita clothing
~Sweet lolita necklaces


Japanese offbrand sailor dress purchased off Yahoo Japan with built in petticoat.
This is absolutely perfect for casual summer wear. The photos shown are how it comes, I put no additional petticoat under it :) The built in one has two layers of tulle and is very affective! After receiving it I washed it, ironed it (including starching and ironing the tulle) and only tried it on. I really love it but I don't see myself wearing it for some reason.
Bust: 34"-36" It could perhaps go a bit larger but the fabric is not stretchy.
Waist: 26"-30" or so I'm not quite sure just how large the waist is but if not for the waist ties it would have been baggy on my 27" waist.
Length: I didn't write down a length measurement but I'm 5'4" and it hits right above my kness aka perfect lolita length for my height.
Price: $45 or OBO It's a well made dress and I'm just not sure how much it's worth.
Shipping: $10 in the US $14 international


Lolli-goth t-shirt.
I bought this thinking I would rip it up and add puff sleeves and a collar but I never got around to it. Hopefully someon can give it some love!
It's 36" wide all the way around and stretchy. It's 25" long. The tag has a size small written on it.
Price: $8
Shipping: $5 within the US $7 international


Next is a homemade replica of an hnaoto style bag. It's a large bear backpack with immense storage space. It fits a full sized wallet (the kind that can hold a check book) and then some!
I made this for myself when I wrote the tutorial but haven't used it since. The straps are on clips so they can be moved and it can be converted into a one shoulder bag. The collar and crown are detachable.
Height: 20"
Price: $15
Shipping: $7 in a large envelope in the US or $10 international (the face will be slightly pushed in for this but it does not damage the bear)


This one is the same size as the other but was made first so is not quite up to par. The only problem is the zipper, it does work and will go up and down but it sticks pretty bad.
Height: 20"
Price: $7
Shipping: $7 in the US $10 international in a large envelope (once again the face will be pushed in for this shipping but it does not hurt the bear once it is removed)


Offbrand lolita headdress. It's perfectly intact and is made of high quality materials and construction except for the lace which is actually about a medium quality. It's not the worst scratchy lace but it's not super soft either.
It ties on with attached ribbon and has shorter ribbons that hang down at the sides.

Price: $5
Shipping: $5 in the US $7 international

Lowered price on brand new pink and white ruffle back Swimmer bloomers

I am only selling the pink ones! They are new with tags.

Price: $20 shipped in the US add $3 for international shipping
Size: I wouldn't recommend larger than 36" hips but they start out incredibly small around 20"

I would also be willing to trade for a different pair of bloomers :)


Thanks for looking!

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