Vulpes vulpes. (cheriecherie) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Vulpes vulpes.

Want to Buy from you!


Okie, I'm questing for two things right now! Well three but one is older.

FIRST, I am looking to buy SuG.

Yes, the band. I want to BUY SuG. xD No... I don't think I can do that but I want to buy anything SuG. SuG books, bandaids, underwear, teeshirts. 

... SuG SuG SuG.

SECOND! I need a pre-tied obi. NEED. Or maybe even a regular obi, I'm not picky. It can be used, I don't mind. My two yukata are a) peachy pink with blue fishies and b) black with big red and white florals and gray songbirds. So anything that you think may go with that, I'd love to see. Since uh, the gorgeous yukata are kinda useless all alone. 

In fact, being the newb I am to yukata I KNOW I am missing things besides an obi. Any decent priced yukata hardware is anticipated and welcomed.

AND the old one. STILL looking for h.Naoto sling bags. Not as urgent as last time but I'd still like one if it were a decent enough price.

As always, I have a sales post on my sales journal (I need to update it soon) you can refer to for partial trades~ even if you'd like one of my shirts for $5 off my total, it's a big help to me. Or who knows, if you offer something really fantastic I may offer you something I haven't listed yet for trade. 

**WOO thought of one more. If there is such thing as a DVD of Dir en grey's Blitz 5 Days performances, I'd like to know the price. I'm a bit scared of said price, but they are my favorite performances.
Tags: fashion: general, music: jrock, traditional, wanted
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