Rexy or Jenny (snarecrazi) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Rexy or Jenny


A few things being added right now and a few things around that need to go asap so i lowered the prices.
i have good feedback on lj and ebay and a wishlist on my page as well.
clamp no kiseki last four boxes, take volumes 4-6 now for 50 shipped within the us or best offer and trades
added a pokemon card section with over 300 cards!
a new section full of bjd and doll clothes and minatures and a doll or two
3 sailor moon wands for sale as well as some vhs and books.
evangelion figure and cards
escaflowne model kits, cd and book
a few random anime cds, cowboy bebop etc
rumbling hearts boxset, full metal panic fumofuu boxset, x/199 boxset
and a few other things so go take a look

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