Pokemaster Marian♥ (valkyries) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Pokemaster Marian♥

DS: Black shirt/dress from japan!, Metamorphose Parasol

Hi guys! I'm still trying to sell this lovely black dress/shirt that's from japan! It's very loose and flowy, perfect for the summer :3

I've reduced the price for it so get it today for a bargain!

It's made of a very light and breathable material, and since it's so loose it can fit a variety of sizes! I have a 38 inch bust myself and it can fit with room to spare :3 Waist is also free size!

The pictures don't do this dress justice ^^;

It can be worn with jeans or as a dress with leggings! I'm asking $15 dollars shipped for it. If you're international, shipping will be a little more.

I am also selling a White Metamorphose Parasol. I bought it off the comms awhile ago, and have not even had the chance to use it D: I realized I don't have the room for a full sized parasol currently so I am selling it.

The parasol has dust stains that need to be cleaned out, and some other dirt stains and such. I bought it in that condition and I will try to clean it before sending it out to you ^^;. I don't have pictures right now, but I'll try to take some soon! The tip/metal cap on top of the parasol is also missing :D I was originally going to hot glue a pearl or a crystal there, but I never found the time to! The emblem is also slightly discolored.

Pictures of Damages:

Anyways, I would like $30+shipping for it :3 Shipping will be about $10 I think ^^;

I also prefer non-cc paypal

If you have any questions please leave a message!

Tags: fashion: egl, fashion: general
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