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For sale: Manga, anime, doujinshi, binsen, etc.

Still for sale! Doujinshi (yaoi and gag), lots of binsen, manga in English and Japanese, anime DVDs, and other items. Click the picture below for my sales journal or follow links to individual sections.

Detective Conan doujinshi - Yaoi doujinshi for Heiji/Shinichi and KID/Shinichi, romance doujinshi for Shinichi(Conan)/Ran
Other doujinshi - Doujinshi for various series, including Escaflowne, Getbackers, Hikaru no Go, and Samurai Troopers.
Manga - in English and Japanese, humor and yaoi manga.
Anime - DVDs including Tenchi Universe, Mouse, and a few OVAs.
Other items - Shitajiki, bookmarks, cards, and drama CD.
Anime binsen A-M - Popular series like Death Note, hard to find series like Detective Conan.
Anime binsen L-Z - Lots of different series, Naruto, Prince of Tennis, Samurai Troopers, etc.
Game binsen - All game series. Dynasty Warriors, Tales series, a few dating or BL sims, and other games.
Original/Unknown binsen - Original sheets by artists like Rusty Angel, and some sheets for unknown series.
10c binsen - Pick out one free sheet for every $3 you spend!
Adult manga and doujinshi - All yaoi contents. Doujinshi for Fullmetal Alchemist, Kyou Kara Maoh and other series. Japanese yaoi manga.

Email me at septembertreasure[at] or comment on any of the entries if you have any questions or see something you would like to buy. All items located in the US and all prices in USD. I perfer paypal but can accept other forms of payment.
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