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JE/SM goods.

Hi, I have the following goods for sale:

Tackey & Tsubasa Volume 25 (3 copies available)

Kanjani8 KJ1 F.T.O (Normal Edition)
Kanjani8 KJ2 Zukkoke Daidasso (First Press Limited Edition B)

20060501 KAT-TUN Lotte +X Poster
Kamenashi Kazuya Dream Boys '07 Stage Photo
KAT-TUN Queen of Pirates '08 Penlight

15 20071114 Yamada Ryosuke Official Photos
12 20080404 Yamada Ryosuke Official Photos
12 20080413 Yamada Ryosuke Official Photos
Hey!Say!JUMP Calendar '08-'09

Kawai Fumito & Akama Naoya Official Photo
5 Fukuda Yuta + 2 Mixed Playzone '07 Studio Photos
Totsuka Shota Dream Boys '08 Stage Photo
Yasui Kentarou Playzone '08 Stage Photo

Bidan 09/02 (Nakamaru Yuichi)
Fine Boys 06/01 (Doumoto Tsuyoshi)
Ongaku to Hito 07/04 (Doumoto Tsuyoshi)
TV Pia Issue 06/11/18-06/12/03 Kantou Version (Kinki Kids)
TV Guide Issue 07/07/07-07/07/13 Kantou Version (Hissatsu Shigotonin)
TV Guide Issue 07/08/04-07/08/10 Kantou Version (Hey!Say!7)
TV Guide Issue 09/02/14-09/02/20 Kantou Version (KAT-TUN) (2 copies available)

Super Junior - Volume 2 Don't Don (Asian Repackaged Edition B)

Prices are revised!

For more information and pictures, please refer to the following sections:
[General Information]
[Media (DVDs, VCDs, Albums & Singles)]
[Official Goods (Concerts, Stages, JE Shops & etc.)]
[Preorders(Concerts & Stages)]
[Preorders(Yet to be released CDs & DVDs)]
[Preorders (DBSK)]
[Preorders (Super Junior)]

By the way, is anyone interested in getting monthly magazine tearouts/posters/pin-ups of groups/individuals? All are available EXCEPT A.B.C-Z, Arashi, KAT-TUN, Tackey & Tsubasa, V6 and Yara Tomoyuki.
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