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Go here to see the titles I have up for sale:


I am selling these for $3 each. Shipping will probably be about $2.
I will take REASONABLE offers on entire manga sets, so feel free to make an offer.


- Payment by PAYPAL ONLY.
- U.S. Buyers only at this time.
- I am not looking for trades at this time.
- Please do not ask me to put something on hold if you cannot pay!!
- I DO combine shipping on multiple items.
- All manga are in EXCELLENT condition unless stated otherwise.


[Appleseed ('movie' novel based on the manga) by Masamune Shirow]
[Chun Rhang Yhur Jhun by Sung-Woo Park (vol. 1)]
[Dead End by Shohei Manabe (vol. 1)]
[GON by Masashi Tanaka (vol. 1)]
[High School Girls by Towa Ohshima (vol. 8)]
[JUDAS by Suu Minazuki (vol. 1)]
[KAMUI by Shingo Nanami (vol. 8)]
[King of Cards by Makoto Tateno (vol. 1)]
[Kiss for My Prince by Hee-Eun Kim (vol. 1)]
[Love or Money by Sang-Eun Lee (vol. 5)]
[My Dearest Devil Princess by Makoto Matsumoto/Maika Netsu (vol. 1)]
[NOW by Sung-Woo Park (vol. 1)]
[Ohikkoshi by Hiroaki Samura]
[Onegai Twins by Please!/Akikan]
[Shaman Warrior by Park Joong-Ki (vol. 1)]
[Samurai Commando: Mission 1549 by Ark Performance/Harutoshi Fukui/Ryo Hanmura (vol. 1)]
[Tanpenshu by Hiroki Endo (vol. 2)]
[The Key to the Kingdom by Kyoko Shitou (vol. 1)]
[the Kurosagi Corpse delivery service (vol. 2)]
[Variante by Iqura Sugimoto (vol. 1)]
[ZERO: The Beginning of the Coffin by Dall-Young Lim/Sung-Woo Park (vol. 2)]

[Apothecarius Argentum by Tomomi Yamashita (vol. 1-2)]
[Chikyu Misaki by Iwahara Yuji (vol. 1-3)]
[Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star by Cain Kuga/Hajime Yatate (vol. 1-2)]
[DISGAEA2: Cursed Memories by Hekaton (vol. 1-2; I have TWO copies of volume 2, one is sealed in original plastic and the other is out of plastic)]
[E'S by Satol Yuiga (vol. 3-4)]
[GALS! by Fuji Mihona (vol. 1-10)]
[GYO by Junji Ito (vol. 1-2)]
[I Hate You more than anyone! by Banri Hidaka (vol. 1-2)]
[Iron Wok Jan! by Shinji Saijyo (vol. 12, 19, 20)]
[Kikaider 02 by Shotaro Ishinomori/Meimu (vol. 1-6)]
[Love Mode by Yuki Shizmu (vol. 1-2, 4-6)
[Madara by shou-U Tajima/Eiji Otsuka (vol. 1-5)]
[Megatokyo by Fred Gallagher (vol. 4-5)]
[Monster Collection by Itoh Sei/Yasuda Hitoshi (vol. 1-6)]
[Musashi #9 by Miyuki Takahashi (vol. 1-12)]
[Omukae desu by Meca Tanaka (vol. 1-5)]
[Penguin Revolution by Sakura Tsukuba (vol. 1-4)]
[Pieces of a Spiral by Tachibana Kaimu (vol. 1-9)]
[Reiko the Zombie Shop by Rei Mikamoto (vol. 1-2)]
[Seimaden by You Higuri (vol. 1-9)]
[SWAN by Ariyoshi Kyoko (vol. 1, 6, 9, 10)]
[Sword of the Dark Ones by Tsukasa Kotobuki/Kentaro Yasui (vol. 1-3)]
[Tenjho Tenge by oh! great (vol. 1-15)]
[TENRYU: The Dragon Cycle by Matoh Sanami (vol. 1-6)]
[Testarotho by Sanbe Kei (vol. 1-4)]
[The Young Magician by Narushima Yuri (vol. 1-9)
[Time Guardian by Daimuro Kishi/Tamao Ichinose (vol. 1-2)]
[Tower of the Future by Saki Hiwatari (vol. 1-8)]
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