Holls (hollzilla) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Action figures & mangas

I'm getting rid of a few things - some mangas, action figures and two wall scrolls.
I only accept Paypal balance, I ship from Canada. Ask me for my feedback page.
I can take pictures, all you have to do is ask!
Shipping will be an additional $5-10, because those boxes will be heavy.

Action Figures:

Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children) - sword, stand and bike included. I would like $65 or best offer for this, I spent $100.

Kadaj (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children) - sword and stand included. $25 or best offer, I spent $40.

Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII) - gun and stand included. $25 or best offer, I spent $40.

I am also considering selling Axel and Roxas (Kingdom Hearts 2) - they both come with weapons, but not a stand. BEST OFFER POSSIBLE.


Vampire Knight volumes 1-5, $35 for the set.

Model volumes 1-3, 5, 6. $7 each.

Loveless volumes 1-3. 5-8. $8 each.

Gorgeous Carat volumes 1 and 3, $5 each.

Innocent Bird volumes 1-3 (complete), $25 for the set.

I am also considering selling Ouran High School Host Club volumes 1-11. Best offer possible.

Thanks for looking!

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