Pokemaster Marian♥ (valkyries) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Pokemaster Marian♥

Selling: Btssb Red Cardigan, Swimmer Eco-Tote, Kitty Hat, Socks, Bag

Sales Terms
-Non-cc paypal preferred
-Shipping from California
-Prices are negotiable
-International Shipping will be a bit more expensive ^^; So ask for a quote
-Shipping in the US included in the prices!


I'm still clearing out my closet (lol) and have found more things that need a new home!

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Red Cardigan

This was bought secondhand, and I have never worn the cardigan myself. I just don't have anything to coordinate it with D: (NOTE: When i bought it, the last button was already missing...I just haven't had time to replace it yet or find a similar red button ^^; )

Bust- Up to 38 inches MAX (anything over will look funny D:)
Waist- 32-34 inches MAX

I'm asking for $45 shipped for this :3

Swimmer Eco-Tote:

I found out that I use my other swimmer tote more than this, so off this one goes! It is a grocery-bag styled, so you can't wear it over your shoulder...but it's cute for shopping! It's BNWT and has never been used, however one side of the tag got a drop of tea or something on it, so there's just a stain mark..but it's on the paper tag...so ^^;

Did I mention it can also fold up so you can carry it everywhere with you :D

Asking for $8 shipped for this

Kitty Hat from Genki-Gang.com:

I've had this for about 2 years, but it hasn't really been worn ^^; It's made by http://www.genki-gang.com and I think it was based off of the gaia afk emotioncon? Not sure. There are ear flaps on the sides with hearts on them, so adorable x3

$12 shipped for this

Red Riding Hood Socks and Forever21 Cream Lace Socks

These red riding hood socks and brand new, I just removed the tags and such from them. They are from the brand AnnaTuTu I believe and feature little red riding all over :D They are knee-high and a cream color.

Close up of print:

Asking $16 shipped for these.

Light Blue and White Satchel With Bow:

I got this bag thinking I was going to coordinate it with something, but unfortunately nothing I have matches it! So my loss, your gain ^__^ It hasn't even been taken out of it's bag yet!

Measurements of the bag:
16" long, 5" deep, and 10" tall, excluding the handle.

Asking $25 shipped for it :3

If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment or shoot me a PM! Thank you!

Tags: fashion: egl
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