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DS: lots of sales! + More at my sales page!

Hello! I am cleaning out my closet since Mother's Day is coming around I need some money to buy something for my mother @_@;
I accept payment through paypal.
Shipping is not included, nor are the PP fees.
Please leave your zipcode so I can calculate shipping to your location if you live in the US.
Thank you! ^^

Ask for more pictures if needed!

Plum colored tee:
condition: used but has a lot of wear.
Price: $5

Dark Plum blouse w/ blk lace:
condition: Good condition/ good used condition
Price: $12

Light Blue summery blouse:
condition: Only worn twice
Price: $15

Black w/ white polkadots cutsew and lace:
condition: Worn twice
Price: $10

White w/ black polkadots cutsew (Says maternity but it looks so cute when worn)
condition: Worn maybe 3 times but in great condition!
Price: $10

Blk x white striped tee (AATP-esque):
condition: Worn a few times, but in good condition
Price: $5

Steampunk jacket:
condition: Never worn out of the house, only tried on
Price: $25

Candy hearts print all over tee: (left)
condition: Brand new with tags, only tried on
Price: $12

Cute Korean Character Valen children's tee: (right)
condition: Only worn once, in perfect condition
Price: $12

Long Gothic stretchy skirt w/ lace at ends:
condition: Only worn once. (I stand 5'2")
Price: $7

Punk Plaid skirt (pink/ lime green/ black plaid)
condition: Only worn a few times, great condition
Price: $8

Red rainbow hoodie cutsew:
condition: Brand new, never worn out of the house
Price: $15

Basic black hoodie cutsew: (Wanted to add some bows and pearls to it but was too lazy so this is for you creative people out there~)
condition: Great condition! Only worn a few times.
Price: $10

White x black pinstriped ruffle blouse:
condition: Brand new never worn out of the house
Price: $15

Offbrand lolita dress: (The length is short, so recommended for short people. ^^;)
condition: Worn a few times but is in perfect condition! (waist tie in the back)
Price: $64 or best offer

Pinstriped tuxedo skinny pants: (Size 5)
condition: minor pilling, great condition! Worn a few times
price: $20

(flash makes the black look faded when it's not.)

Cute steampunk, brown pinstriped pants(AATP-esque):
condition: worn a few times, some pilling
price: $15

(button at the end of the pants)

Brand new vest with tags:
condition: brand new!
price: $12

Grey pinstriped steam punk boy shorts:
condition: minor pilling, great condition!
price: $20

Maryjane shoe necklace charm:
condition: never used
price: $6

Thank you everyone! ^^
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