timelord (zombies_bite) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Wish List.

I'm currently on a quest for some video games:

Fatal Frame 1-3 (ps2 - import or US)
Xenosaga 3 (possibly 2 - I can get it pretty cheap at gamestop so yeah, haha)
Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land (ps2)
Dual Hearts (ps2)
D & D2 (preferably D1 on PS1 but I'll take the Dreamcast version of both)
Growlanser (any - it's not high on my list but it seems midly interesting to play)
The bonus disc to Persona 2: Eternal Punishment US version (lol, I know, random - I bought the actual game but it didn't have the extra bonus disc)
Persona 3 (perferably complete) - NOT FES
Persona 2 : Innocent Sin (I have the import and English editions of Eternal Punishment already)
Resident Evil 5
Biohazard (any - I've been wanting to collect them for a while; I have the RE's - now I want to start a Biohazard set, haha)
Teddie plush (from the Persona4 social link pack - I guess this is video game related?)
Brigandine (ps1)

I'd prefer to work out a trade as things are tight money wise but if I'm given a reasonable offer, I can probably pay for whatever. I have a ton of games I can trade so if you have a want list or anything, send it my way and we can work something out. <3

Oh, and payment wise - I do paypal only; I don't feel safe sending concealed cash. If you don't have paypal then I can't work with you, sorry.
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