Lisa (egnirys_deity) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Here are some things I have for sale. I can hold items for a week or longer if you ask me ^O^

I can accept paypal and money orders. Cash can also be accepted, but only from US buyers. But of course, this is at the buyers risk ^^

All of my items are in good to excellent condition.

Here you can see my ebay feedback :D My FEEDBACK!

NOTE: ALL shipping is $4.00 ^^

$10 each

1: Cranberry Soda by Ryuichi Kawamura
2: Promise Eve by Shazna
3: Gold Sun and Silver Moon by Shazna
4: Sculpture of Time by La'cryma Christi{Sold}
5: Greatest Hits - Shazna (2 disc set w/ two boolets and two lyric sheets/ very good condition) - $20{Sold}
6: Bastard Eyes by Zilch{Sold}
7: Eden by Luna Sea{Sold}
8: Gauze by Dir en grey (Original from Japan) - $30, but offer, I may take less ^^{Sold}
9: Shine by Luna Sea{Sold}

$13 or best offer
Image hosted by
1: Dragon Rage (PS2)
2: The Sims (PS2)

$5 each

Vol 1
1: Ragnarok - Vol 1
2: Wolfs Rain - Vol 1
3: Gravitation 1 - 8 ($55 - You save.. $25! Plus tax o.o I will trade it for a SNES w/ the Super Mario Bothers or Super Mario Allstars game. Also will sell as seperates if the request is big enough ^^ If you think I am asking too much, offer on them :D){On hold until July 31}

$15 each

1: Saiyuki Vol 2 (orignial, paid $25 at media play)
2: Gravitation, all episodes, $10 or obo, bootleg (Note: The subs are shitty >>; but if you understand Japanese, its good :D){Sold}

$6 each

1: Princess Mononoke (Great Condition)

$5 each

1: Plastic Tree
2: Mana in Water (This is a crappy scan since the post is bigger than my scanner, but now you can see the pic^^)

I'm willing to scan images from the mags.

1: Wink Up! (there are posters and pinups inside^^)- $10
2: Fools Mate w/ Hide - $15{On hold until July 28th}


1: hide plushie - Make offers on him. :D (Sorry scan is so crappy, my digi cam isn't working ^^;; But the second photo is what it looks like ^^)

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