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DS: Clothes! Scarf! Shoes! Hair accessoires!

Hello everyone
I've decided to clean out my closet because I seriously have to much clothes I don't wear anymore
So here they are
But before that some things I would like to point out
  • I am from Europe so all clothing sizes will be in European sizes, but if you need the measurements because you don't know for sure if it will fit, don't hesitate to ask me.
  • All prices will be in Euro's. If you need to know the price in USD let me know.
  • I do not hold items.First come, first get.
  • I have cats and a dog, so peole with allergics please be aware!
  • Please note that not all my handmade items are perfect. I try to get them as good as it gets on the outside and most of the time the insides too, but there will be imperfections
  • Everything will be washed before shipping out
  • Please note that these clothes have been worn before and might have some little stains,wearingspores,or rips but in that case I will put it in the description, because most of these are in good condition and up for round 2!
  • I will ship worldwide
  • Depending on the weight of your package I will check the postoffice for shipping prices
  • I might trade if you have something I like
  • I might negotiate the prices with you if you don't agree with it.
  • I take comissions on kanzashi's
  • Please take notice that the kanzashi's may be a bit expensive due to the materials used.

1 Pink satin slip dress

Perfect pink night dress made from silk and lace
Has been worn once to try on
The shoulderstraps are made in such a way that you have them crossed at your back
Size: S/M
Price: 7 eu

2 Black knot top

An black top you kan tie in an knot and wear over an other top
Excellent condition
Worn a time or two
Size: M/L
Price: 5 eu

3 Red sport vest

An red vest with sportive white stripes
This vest is nice and snugg ad very comfortable in the winter
Worn multiple times and still in very good condition
Has an little ballpen stain on one of the white stripes at the zipper
Size: M/L
Price: 12 eu

Skinny jeans with red tartan pieces

I am doing this one away because I got it from my mom but she didn't know I absolutly hate skinny jeans
Never worn before!
Size: S/a small M
Price: 25 eu

5 Polkadot mini skirt

Too short and too wide for me
No stains or rips
Is very elastic but the cords you see in the picture are just stitched up on it and have no purpose at all
Size: S/M
Price: 7 eu

6 Handmade punk skirt

Made by an instruction in one of my Lolita Bible's
But I don't really like it
Has no stretch and also no stretch in the waistband
Size: S
Price: 6 eu

7 Wide jeans

Wide jeans with studs and an abstract model
High waist jeans

Worn a few times
Size: 36(S/M because it's pretty stretchy)
Price: 20 eu

8  Yellow camouflage pants

Yellow camouflage pants
Very comfortable and has an elastic waistband with cords to adjust the size
Almost never worn because I have this one in blue and I like that one better
Size: S/M , the size between M and L as well
Price: 20 eu

9 White trendy sweater

Nice sweater I once bought, but it's too short for my liking and not all to warm
No stains or rips and worn about 3 times
Size: S/M
Price: 11 eu

10 Cute white top

A cute white stretchy top with an very cute pearl closing on the back
Worn once but white isn't really my color
Size: S/M
Price: 17 eu

11 Brown wide sweater

A nice brown sweater with an cute pattern in the middle
It pretty wide but oh so comfortable
worn multiple times but no stains,rips or whatever so as far as I can see
Size: S/M/L, maybe even XL?
Price: 10 eu

12 Grey stylish dress

Grey dress
Perfect with an pair of leggings underneath it
No stains or rips
Worn a few times
Very elastic with puffy sleeves which have elastic at the end
Sleeves come to your elbow
Size: S/M/L
Price: 15 eu

13 sleeping/pyjama shirt

Very comfortable and soft sleeping shirt
Worn a few times but has no stains or whatsoever
Size: S/M/L
Price: 7 eu

14 Black sweater in CHILDREN size or  XS!

Black sweater that has shrunk in the laundry
Either an children's size or an XS
Price: 5 eu

15 Sand colored sleeveless hoodie

Sand colored hoodie with no sleeves
Pretty stretchy and has an soft touch
Size: S/M/L
Price: 9 eu

16 Punk/emo shirt

A friend asked me to sell this because he doesn't fit in it anymore
Is made from an soft and shiney fabric and is pretty stretchy
Size: S/M
Price: 10 eu

17 Punk/emo guitar shirt

Black shirt with cherry print and an guitar
Also have this one in white
Has an good stretch and no stains
Size: S/M/L
Price: 12 eu

18 White butterfly top with lace

Stretchy white top with an butterfly print and lace
This is an shoulder top though
Size: S/M
Price: 14 eu

19 Miss Sexy shirt

White shirt with Miss Sexy on it
The top is whitish with a hint of pink on some spots but it looks pretty
Size: S/M
Price: 14 eu

20 Floral shirt

An pretty floral shirt
Has a very lovely pattern on the back as well
Price: 10 eu

21 Sand colored top with lace

Sand colored top with lace
Can stretch really far and is very soft
Has no stains or rips and has been worn a few times but it is a bit too big on me
Size: S/M/L/XL
Price: 7 eu

22 Black all lace top

Black all lace top with some ties at the front
Was a gift and has been worn once to try it on
Is very very stretchy and has no stains or rips
Size: S/M/L/XL
Price: 8 eu

23 Red mix top with corset ties

Red stretchy top with corset ties
Worn a few times but not really my taste
Size: S/M/L
Price: 11  eu

24 Garfield t-shirt

Absolutly supercute
But I have two of this shirts so I am selling one of them
Size: S/M
Price: 15 eu

25 Yellow lace top

An yellow short lace top I found lying around
Is very stretchy ans has no stains
It does have a few loose threads but those will do no damage to the top if you cut them off
Size: S/M
Price: 5 eu

26 No more rules shirt

The shirt speaks for itself
Has little stretch
Size: S/M
Price: 9 eu

27 Brown suede like handmade top

Made from brown suede like fabric
The photo's do not do  it any justice
Closes with an zipper on the back and has two light pink silk ribbons to tie it in the neck
Size: S/M
Price: 7 eu

28 Black velvet sweater with floral pattern

Has a very nice touch and is stretchy
It does attrect a lot of dust because of the fabric so you do need to clean it every time you've worn it
No stains or rips and only worn 2 times
Size: S/M/L
Price: 10 eu

29 Sailor top

An cute sailor top that can be worn with lolita but also as casual
Has pretty much stretch to it and has cordson each side as decoration
Worn only a few times and has no stains or rips
Size: S/M
Price: 10 eu

30 Lolita bunny/Easter green overskirt and bow

Handmade lolita overskirt and bow
The fabric is decorated with bunny's and it has two green ribbons on the front
This set is excellent for holidays such as Easter but is also cute all year long
The skirt does need an skirt underneath it and has an elastic waist
Please ask for measurements but I guess it wil fit an S/M/L
Price: 35 eu

31 Purple handmade lolita jumperskirt

Purple handmade lolita jumperskirt
The bottom and the top part have black lace
To the top part are sewn two traps to tie it in the neck
The back has an zipper
Got inspiration from an old Mary Magdalene dress
The dress has little to no stretch
Please ask for the right measures but I think it will fit an S/M
Price: 30 eu

32 Thin olive and black scarf

Thin olive green and black scarf I got from someone I knew but I don't use it anymore
Has been worn a few times and has no stains or rips
Length  is over 1 meter
Price: 4 eu

33 Silver high heel shoes

Pretty silver high heels
Worn once and they do have some scuffs but it is not noticable untill you look real close
High of the heel is about 7/8 cm
Size: 38
Price: 27 eu (these were exensive)

34 Black glossy high heels

Glossy black high heels
Worn a few times but is no too small for me
Size: 36
Price: 18 eu

35 Ume kanzashi's/hairpins

Ume blossom kanzashi hair pins
You can choose from different colors but at the moment I have;
Baby pink
Baby blue
Viginite white
The leaves are for sale as well
Price a piece for the Ume: 15 eu
Price for a branch of leaves(hand-dyed): 10 eu

36 Turning Maple leaf

This little turning maple leaf is the pride I can offer you
Leaves are hand-dyed and put together using the traditional Kanzashi way
I must say that the orange on the leaves is in reall life a little darker
Price: 12 eu

37 Little pink Ume

An pretty pink Ume
This one is the small version of  the Ume's in 35 and has little white mealdreads to add elegance
Price: 12 eu

38 Red candy apple Ume

Pretty red candy apple Ume
This one has luxerious mealdreads and stones in the leaves
It also had an pretty stone in the middle
Price: 13 eu

39 Single leaf Ume

Single leaved Ume
Price: 10 eu

40 Pink and white Kiku

Pretty white and pink kiku flower
All petals are handfolded and glued by me
Price: 18 eu

All kanzashi's when worn:

Well that was part one! I will upload the next part when I feel like it
Thank you all for looking~

Tags: fashion: egl
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