Paul Starr (pts) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Paul Starr

ATTN: Rabid Laruku Fans -- L'Arc~en~Ciel SMILE tour goods

I'm selling some L'Arc SMILE goods from the 2004 tour, starting with the hilariously-named "Don't Touch Me There!" game.

I also have a tour shirt, a tour photo book, and a belt (yes, a belt). All are mint condition, still sealed in whatever packaging they came in. As far as I know, this stuff was only available at the SMILE tour in 2004, so it wasn't (for example) for sale at their Otakon appearance.

The figures in this game are ridiculously cute. I'm a fan of the Ken one in particular. If you have any interest in the other items before they go up on eBay, comment and make me an offer. Enjoy.

I'll also be selling a photo book and some posters from the 2004 Gackt Sixth Day/Seventh Night tour. Again, make me an offer to get in on the pre-auction action.
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