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Jrock Magazines

Hi there!

I am selling some jrock magazines as well as some rare Malice Mizer stuff. Woo yay jrock stuff!

Left to right:
October 2001, 24 page edition of Fanatic Crisis, also has Pierrot, Laputa, Sex Machineguns, Malice Mizer (pictures from a live), Stray Pig Vanguard, and Psycho le Cemu (big full color images). Slight sun damage to bottom half of cover, no change in texture.
January 2001, 26 page edition of Malice Mizer, also has a Raphael special, Pierrot, La'cryma Christi, Janne Da Arc, and calli/gari.
December 2001, 24 page edition of Malice Mizer, also has Sugizo, Pierrot, Janne Da Arc, Plastic Tree, rice, and La'cryma Christi

I'd like $20 each for the Malice covers if possible, $15 for the FC one, or best offer, and I'll send it media mail to save you money on shipping.



Left to right:
UV volume 69, Tetsu 69 front cover, J & Youjeen back cover, pull out poster of Tetsu on one side, J/Youjeen on the other, Malice Mizer column that features Klaha, L'arc, Inoran, Gackt, and others. SOLD, THANK YOU
UV volume 70, Pierrot front cover, The High-Lows back cover, double sided pull out Pierrot poster, Malice Mizer column featuring Mana, Gackt, Oblivion Dust, L'arc, ect.
UV Volume 68, Fire Wire front cover, Malice Mizer back cover (lots of Beast of Blood pictures), pull out poster of Fire Wire and Schwein, Malice Mizer column featuring Yu~ki, Gackt, Dope HEADz, ect.

I would like $30 for each of these or best offer, and while shipping's going to be more expensive because these things are so HUGE, I will send it media mail to help you out.

Left to right:
January 1999, Malice Mizer cover (post-Gack's departure, pre-Kami's death) - LOADS of pictures I have not seen almost anywhere else on the 'net except a few Kozi ones, this is VERY hard to find. It also has hide with Spread Beaver, Luna Sea, and Dir en grey. The cover is a little beat up around the spine but the inside is pristine.
September 2000, Yoshiki cover. Famous shirtless, showering, lounging with bushy haired white ladies pictures. Also has Gackt, Pierrot, and Luna Sea.
July 2001, Inoran cover, also has Yoshiki, Sads, Sophia, Pierrot, Dir en grey, and J VS Zilch. Cover is a little beat up but everything else is fine.

I am asking $30 for the Malice and Yoshiki covers, $15 for Inoran, or best offer. As always will work with you on shipping.

March 2000, Sophia cover, pull-out Sophia poster and stickers, Lucifer, TMR, has an article apparently written BY Mana (with some errrr INTERESTING sketches), and some nice big Dir en grey pictures.

Asking $15 for the Pop Beat, or best offer. Ditto shipping from above.

This is actually not as big as it looks in that picture. This is, like a lot of my Malice stuff (for whatever reason), after Gackt left the band and before Kami died. It's very, VERY rare, and I got it years ago off ebay for some astronomical price that I seem to have blocked from memory. It's got oodles of really silly, fun behind-the-scenes/makeup pictures of the band, lots of Kozi's strange cat-worshipping art, Kami on a tour of a shrine, interviews galore, and fanart.


I am not setting a price for this, but taking offers. If I get an offer of $40 or above I will throw in ALL OF THIS CRAP:

From Malice magazine cut-outs to official fliers to pictures of bands that were once stuck to my wall, it's all yours. I have no idea what I was warning you about there.

You can check my feeback on ebay, my ID is sir_integral.

Please E-MAIL ME if you have any questions or would like to purchase any of these. My e-mail address is visualcoma(at)gmail(dot)com and my name is Claire. I take Paypal and money order ONLY.
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