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still have tons of anime, manga, and CDs for sale!

teaser list:
Gravitation (complete w/ backstage pass + OVA: lyrics of love)
Kyou Kara Maou! (1-7; some w/ mini cels)
Loveless DVD Set
Petshop of Horrors
Eerie Queerie! (complete)
FAKE (complete)
Gorgeous Carat ( Galaxy)
Yellow Set (signed!!)

but there's still more that need to go away!! D: lakslas;a;aklla;s

Current Discounts & Special Deals!
• If you purchase a set (books or DVDs only), you get 20% off your total order!
• A purchase of four or more individual books gets 15% off your total order!
• For $50 (includes free media mail shipping), you get a random selection of manga in a 12x9x4.5 (h/w/d) box, which usually fits about 10 or so books. (Books will be selected by me and will be sent to you in complete sets, meaning you won't get vol. 2 of Angel Sanctuary and then vol. 6 of Loveless, but the entire set of Angel Sanctuary or Loveless or however many I have.)

click HERE or the banner above!

all of this stuff needs to be out of my house!


I also have lolita items to get rid of!

Alice and the Pirates Velour Pumps (white, size M; US7; EU37.5)
Victorian Maiden Sandals (pink, size M; US7; EU37.5)
Tags: anime, fashion: general, manga: english, music: other
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