larukunohyde (larukunohyde) wrote in garagesalejapan,

DS: H.Naoto, Putumayo, Japanese clothing

Hi guys! Please buy my h.naoto stuff--- they need new homes!!! :O

Putumayo Short Sleeve Hoodie Size Small
$75 USD
Like new but has been worn because it's so damn cute!!! It's a bright pink and black with their logo and cat on the back. It's definitely unique and cute. I love it very much.

h.Naoto Blood XS-Small Cutsew with attachable mesh sleeves $70 USD
This is a like new top I only used to try. It is very unique with the lettering, ruffle sleeve/shoulder fabric and the attachable sleeves. (not shown) Strechy cotton.

New with tags. Original S-inc design. The design is of white splat, webs and blue bats. Has lots of straps and can be worn differently. $60 USD



Selling my h.NAOTO S-inc for plus size wrap skirt! Out of stock and hard to find! NEW WITH TAGS!!!! It is no longer my style so I never wore it. I'm hoping for someone who will appreciate it more to have it and wear it well. It can fit to almost anyone because it's a WRAP... you can wear it alone or with pants underneath. $86

Prices maybe negotiable until the following Monday, the 18th.

I accept PAYPAL and money order only. Each item is $7 shipping anywhere in the US. You can check my rating at larukunohyde

I do ship outside of the US too but the price will be higher.
Thank you!!!
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