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SALE: KAT-TUN, Arashi, NEWS, Kanjani8

Added new items & lowered some prices by $5!
Updated with fanclub goods & more KAT-TUN stuff at low prices.
Free shipping to US/Canada on most items.

Arashic, Arachic, Arasick 2006 con pamphlet [lowered price!]

Sayaendou/Hadashi no Cinderella Boy LE (+photobook & picture labeled disc) [lowered price!]
Summary of Johnny's World DVD

Kansha ni Eight LE (+8 members pictures) [lowered price!]
Dream Boys 2006 DVD

Summary of Johnny's World DVD (new & sealed)
Dream Boys 2006 DVD
Kamenashi Kazuya 2006 Real Face Clear File
Akanishi Jin 2007 limited shop photos (set of 4) [lowered price!]
(PROMO: Buy Kame's clear file & Jin's shop photos for a discounted price.]
POWER! KAT-TUN photobook
KAT-TUN 2006 DoCoMo mini pamphlets
Official KAT-TUN notepad (from the Johnny's Shop)
Kiss & Love Book (Summer 2005 with Kame & Jin)

You&J Fanclub:
FC magazines Vol 1~4 (KAT-TUN + NEWS + Kanjani8)

Go to this post for more pics & info.
For more Kame/Jin/KAT-TUN OFFICIAL shop photos - go here.

Free shipping to US/Canada on most items. Items will be shipped from the US.
Payment method: Paypal (preferred) or concealed cash (for US/Canada only - at your own risk).
I'm willing to shop worldwide if buyer pays for extra shipping fee.

Feedback post. Thank you! :)
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